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PINT Ceo Thomas Powell
92%Thomas Powell
Zillow Ceo Rich Barton
88%Rich Barton
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Software Engineer4 Salaries
Marketing1 Salaries
Intern1 Salaries
Software Development Engineer68 Salaries
Marketing Manager9 Salaries
Operations Support6 Salaries

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Former Employee - Software Engineer

I worked at PINT full-time for more than 3 years


PINT offers a variety of software demands appealing to people of varying backgrounds. You will be given a decent amount of responsibility, will grow as a software developer, and be expected to... provide substantial contributions to the company’s software. I was able to experience substantial periods of growth over short durations within my 2.5 years of working here. If your experience is similar to mine I would say working at PINT you may see spikes of tremendous growth followed by a few months of super chill just reaping what you sowed. Peaks and valleys you know? Culture: You may see developers and project managers commingling, discussing technology trends or participating in movie night, book club or some other random event or holiday party. Two kegs in the office provide an evening treat in the likes of a crisp pale ale which folks partake in later in the week and most likely after 5PM. Maybe if you befriend the right people you can recommend some variety in the likes of sour delights or creamy stouts. Three teams within PINT, each providing a unique experience: Disclaimer: I worked on the Enterprise Application Development team so my views of the other teams will likely be incomplete. ————————————————————————— Enterprise Application Development Team -Currently contracted to build a healthcare e-commerce platform -Current age of project 5-6 years Pros: -Many technologies to tickle your taste buds including Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Angular.js, Docker, Kubernetes and more recently C#, Vue.js, and Webpack -Relaxed atmosphere where developers sometimes enjoy lunch with management -Management occasionally provides drinks or lunch/dinner on their dime -A variety of characters on the team, some that have been contributing to the platform since its inception, some that are practiced in providing comedic relief and others that are pretty good at providing the nitro cold brews -Some of the application architecture is being transitioned from a monolith to Azure cloud services. Since this transition is in its early stages you could have a substantial impact on the project architecture if you put in the time after work hours acquiring the right knowledge to move the platform in this direction. Cons: -Technical debt accumulated over the lifespan of the project makes getting acquainted with the codebase a more difficult task than it should be. Most of the developers on the team have been around for 3+ years and can steer you in the right direction until you build your own mental map of the project. Pro Tips: -You may be given an adequate amount of autonomy after a while. Be careful to use it on things that matter for the company’s short term goals or the trust that bought you that autonomy will quickly be taken away. -A good percentage of the team looks like they walked out of a J Crew mens catalog wearing Oxford shoes and even blazers. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit out of place and start wearing Vibram’s FiveFinger shoes and obnoxious graphic tees in protest. Don’t worry they probably won’t bite and are, for the most part, sensible friendly human beings. -Developers with the following attributes will do well here: 1. Provide developers and management with transparency into your process when it comes to implementing solutions that may take more than a day or two 2. Comfortable working around technical debt, for the short term, while providing solutions that satisfy the immediate use case 3. A bit of business acumen and social skills will be a noticeable plus in the eyes of management who you will interact with on a weekly if not daily basis. ————— ZingSoft Pros: -Work closely with the CEO (he is a techie) on his projects without too much middle man interference -Work on developer tooling and avoid business politics obstructing your fun -The employees who have been working at PINT for 10+ years work on this team Pro Tip: Whether you are looking for long-term satisfaction at PINT or to leverage it in preparation for the big leagues this may be the team you want to be part of. This team has more PINT veterans than any other team, which says something about the technical demands of the projects as well as the employee satisfaction within the team. Additionally, in the 2.5 years that I worked at PINT one person was hired from this team to work at Google and another at Facebook. ————— Agency Pros: -Experience working with a dynamic range of project requirements from PWA experiences to Magento and other e-commerce platforms may provide motivated individuals with the skills necessary to build their own brand as a freelancing web development expert. ————— Team Agnostic Considerations -Integrating new, perhaps shy, hires could be improved so they feel like they belong with their team. -Dedicated, high performance individuals may see a significant annual raise from a percentage increase perspective. If you find that you are still working at a lower pay rate than your coworkers your best bet may be to develop skills within a niche that nobody else is fulfilling, something which should be feasible given the size of the company. -The CEO and HR seem to care about finding the optimal balance of company efficiency and employee satisfaction. -There is a giant coffee/espresso machine on the premises but the taste does not motivate one to wake up in the morning. Coworkers and I would often walk a few blocks to pick up the good stuff at Better Buzz. The coffee may have improved since I left as I remember HR created a poll on Slack regarding alternative coffee beans. -There is no bidet, electronic or otherwise. The United States failure to adopt the bidet should not prohibit a tech forward company from practicing civilized cleansing procedures.


I included cons above in the Pros section.

Current Employee - Senior Business Consultant

I have been working at Zillow full-time for more than a year


This list is long: benefits, office perks, work hours, travel, uncapped income potential, forward-thinking and evolving company, incredible culture, open-door leadership culture, etc.. Working for... Zillow has, in no small way, changed my life. My contributions are recognized financially and through corporate recognition, and I take great pride in my work and career trajectory. I have requested multiple 1:1 meetings with executive-level leadership and always land on their calendars. You absolutely have to be proactive and eager here, but the rewards are the best in the business!


If you do not have a thick skin and don’t like hard, hard work, this is not for you. I do feel there is room for significant improvement with our sales leaders. I don’t have faith that many sales... executive or BC managers have any idea what their teams face on a daily basis, their follow-up and through is lacking, overall support and individual empowerment could use a lot of work, etc.. Fortunately, this has not affected me too severely, as I perform without needing much supervision, but I do see many of my colleagues struggle, unaided by management.

Advice to Management

Implementation of SOPs for escalations just as there are with cases assigned to reps, ongoing training for all leaders, communication among all roll ups,

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