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Peckham Industries

LocationHauppauge, NY
Global Company Size201 to 500 Employees

Peckham Industries has a crush on road materials. The company produces asphalt, crushed stone, ready mix concrete, and liquid calcium chloride (used to melt ice in the winter and to keep road dust down in the summer). It also builds and repairs roads. The company and its subsidiaries operate throughout New England with locations in New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. Peckham's plants include liquid asphalt facilities, hot mix plants, and a reclaiming facility. The company's Peckham Materials Corp. unit operates quarries and supplies aggregates through the Hudson River Valley. William Peckham, father of chairman and president John Peckham, founded Peckham Road Corp., the flagship of Peckham Industries, in 1924.

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Gusmer Enterprises

LocationHauppauge, NY
Global Company Size51 to 200 Employees
IndustryIndustrial Manufacturing

In 1924, Aage Gusmer incorporated our company as the exclusive distributor of a tank coating for the North and South American brewing industry. Today, Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of processing aids and equipment to the entire beverage industry, focusing on the beer, wine, juice and distilled spirits segments. Gusmer continues to manufacture and exclusively represent many world-wide suppliers of superior products for fermentation applications. Gusmer also has developed a dominant leadership position in the manufacture and distribution of filtration products (depth filter material, fiber, sheets, stacks, cross flow) and specialty products such as absorbent products and other custom materials. These products are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Gusmer’s manufacturing plants have achieved ISO 9001 status.

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