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Is it time for a new job in the State & Regional Agencies industry? Find one at a top-rated company near Optional[Stockholm], Optional[Sweden]! Ratings for the top companies hiring near you in Optional[Stockholm] are based on anonymous employee reviews to provide a candid list of today's top State & Regional Agencies employers in Optional[Stockholm], Optional[Sweden].

The highest-rated State & Regional Agencies employers hiring near you in Optional[Stockholm], Optional[Sweden] include New York City Department of Education with an employee rating of 3.6 out of 5, and Agency for Science, Technology and Research rated 3.8 out of 5.

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Global Company Size

New York City Department of Education

New York City Department of Education

LocationOptional[Stockholm], Optional[Sweden]
Global Company Size10000+ Employees
IndustryState & Regional Agencies
Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Agency for Science, Technology and Research

LocationOptional[Stockholm], Optional[Sweden]
Global Company Size5001 to 10000 Employees
IndustryResearch & Development

At A*STAR, we make it our mission to attract and develop a diversity of talent along the research, innovation and enterprise value chain, with career paths developed for scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. In return, we commit to investing in the personal and professional growth of each of our officers. As part of our 5,200-strong A*STAR family, you’ll interact, work and collaborate with some of the biggest companies and greatest scientific minds in the world and be exposed to dynamic and diverse environments. With 19 cutting-edge Research Institutes under the A*STAR family, we offer you a host of career development opportunities. While your career progression will be guided by your interest, performance and A*STAR’s requirements, you’ll ultimately be able to forge your own path, developing revolutionary innovations that touch many lives.