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July 18, 2021


Coworkers tend to be caring individuals Some downtime during shifts


As a care worker I worked in a home with residents who had documented histories of violence. The first time I was assaulted by a resident, albeit relatively gently, I was unable to do anything but try to walk away because management had not bothered to schedule me for the company's physical intervention training for the first several weeks I was working there. First aid and CPR training consisted of a two hour training session that was split between the trainer telling us stories about their experiences in the homes and the trainer flipping through the training manual and summarizing what they thought was important. No training manuals or other training materials were provided to the staff attending the training. There was no practice or demonstration of any CPR or first aid during the training. Much of the other training required by the company consisted of reading scripts that were clearly intended for instructors of training sessions. Many of the scripts actually contained wording indicating that were where not to be handed out to read for the training. At least one of the scripts indicated it had not been updated since 1997 or so.

Advice to Management

Develop a more effective and more organized training system. Do more to retain veteran staff so new, untrained employees don't need to be rushed into potentially dangerous situations.

There was no practice or demonstration of any CPR or first aid during the training. Read More

July 18, 2021

Reviewed by: Direct Care Worker in Marquette, MI (Current Employee)

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