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How are promotions handled at Agility Collective?

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May 26, 2019


The caliber of entry-level employee is usually great, as fresh college graduates with bright eyes inject positivity into the culture. They score free Red Bull for the team, too.


Honestly? The rest of it. Working at Agility is deceptive, and emotionally eroding. It feels like a whole new world at first, with most new hires being enthusiastic, routinely turning into sullen clock-chasers praying for that 5 pm tick. The upward mobility is essentially non-existent. It seems like a good ol' Boys Club at the top, and breaking into that is tough, if not relatively un-doable. Job loss is a permanent anxiety for employees trying to meet oppressive goals. This is a company of smart people with strong ideas, and it seems to be stifled by weak management talent.

Advice to Management

Look inward, and consider critically the actions taken. Take ownership for failures, and move forward with choices that won't cut the legs out from under creativity & motivation. You won't inspire with intimidation & lofty expectations. Consider the actions of all upper management and move away from the ones that discourage growth and employee satisfaction.

The upward mobility is essentially non

May 26, 2019

Reviewed by: Anonymous in Saint Louis, MO (Anonymous Employee)

1 English review out of 1