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August 4, 2021


There's some good people that work here that are extremely proud of their work and take great lengths to try to be the best they can. They'll put in the hours and the work to be great. These people are not the majority of the company. They have a great matching for 401k - 6% of your annual salary every year into the 401k. Vesting only takes 2 years.


Lots of older people (think 60+) that have spent lots of time at this company. You'll hear about when the company was at its heyday (Dexter) and how great this and that was. Unfortunately, none of the "greatness" from those days exist any longer. These people have worked here for so long, at this point, they're just coasting and doing the bare minimum and waiting for the years to past so they can get their retirement $$. Because of its age, everything is extremely old - from the offices (where you'll find plenty of patches of mold and other hazards) to the software that barely works. Cost cutting is the name of the game here, but it's done in the dumbest ways. They'll cheap out on things like pallets to try to get their numbers to look better and then later get complaints from customers on damaged products due to the pallets. Short term thinking is the only thing here - people literally cannot think in longer terms or they just don't care to. Salaries are not competitive and raises basically don't exist - don't expect a raise to even keep up with the cost of living. You'll lose money every year that you work here. Make sure to negotiate for better pay and vacation before you apply. Vacation sucks - 2 weeks to start out with and you don't get more until you hit EIGHT years. Additionally, vacation days do not roll over yearly.

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Poor leadership starts at the top

These people are not the majority of the company. Read More

August 4, 2021

Reviewed by: Anonymous in Windsor Locks, CT (Current Employee)

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