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September 16, 2021

How is management perceived at Alcatraz Cruises?


A diverse group of characters at ground level. I will carry so many fun/funny memories from working with this team. Many colleagues became acquaintances, many acquaintances became close friends. Pay was "competitive" even if it was at the low end of the spectrum.


Most high level managers couldn't manage their way out of a wet paper bag. The management style is toxic on a good day and overtly hostile on bad days. Employees are told when they can and can't take sick days. The default method of keeping people in-line is to threaten them with termination. It takes a major injury or accident to spur any sort of change in procedure/policy. Multiple injury/incident reports were lost/misfiled. When I told anyone in the local industry that I worked for this company their reply was almost always a physical wince followed by "I'm sorry." The list goes on and on.

Advice to Management

Please send your management team to a few leadership seminars or even online classes. The cowboy mentality may be the best approach in the initial startup of the company but after nearly two decades there is no reason every occurrence that is out of the norm needs to be a calamity. This place could've been the most amazing place to work if it was properly managed by people with actual leadership skills. Learn the difference between a boss and a leader. Employee morale should be one of your top priorities. Many employees referred to the mid-high level management team as the "bro club", do your best to shed that moniker. It takes more than a hollow "Hey, how ya doing?" to make employees believe that you care. HIRE QUALIFIED PEOPLE for high level jobs. Putting people in charge of a department when they have next to no experience in the field is a fantastic way to demolish any morale that still exists. Lastly, 99% of the reason anyone on ground level stayed at this company for longer than a year is because of the people they worked WITH, not the company/managers they worked FOR, and that should be a big red flag. If the majority of your employees stick around for the friends they work with, it only takes a few of them leaving for the rest to follow suit. I sincerely hope management improves, as I said previously, there is no reason that this company can't become the best place in the world to work. It doesn't have to be a "revolving door".

The management style is toxic on a good day and overtly hostile on bad days.

September 16, 2021

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