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December 16, 2019

How is management perceived at Alder?


There are free lunches on Friday.


I worked at Alder for almost 2 years. I saw it grow a lot. Our department went from about 10 people to almost 30 within a few months. Now, the department is back down to about 14 people. Alder opened a call center in the Philippines and have been hiring more and more agents there. I think soon enough there will be no call center in Orem. When I started at Alder, I saw the potential and things I could do to help improve it. I worked hard. I started revamping the training checklist. I trained over 30 times (None of the agents I trained are there anymore... very high turnover rate). I moved up to the position of Supervisor and got a pay bump to $14 hour, but at the same time, the supervisor bonus was cut. I was asked to build a web app to check compatibility between different pieces of equipment. I built it. Then I built a stats tracker for our agents in Excel. Then I built an entire troubleshooting wizard. It was about this time that the supervisor bonus was significantly cut again. Suddenly my agents were making more money than I was. I was working really hard.... doing all of my call reviews, writing policies, and keeping the troubleshooting wizard up to date and in return, I got commission cuts because we were "making too much money". Accountings job seems to include keeping an eagle eye on anyone who makes decent money. I've been emailed and talked to by accounting a few times because they wanted to make sure the commissions our agents were making were correct. Other departments have been approached by accounting because they thought an employee was making too much. My take-away from Alder: Alder is a company that only seeks to get as much money out of people (customers and employees) to give to the sales reps. Working at Alder is like being in a bad relationship where things only get better when you break up. Working it Alder is like being a pile of manure where you are used to help the company grow and when you have given all you can, you are just cow dung in the ground. Working at Alder is like being in school and having someone take your lunch money every day and then make you watch them spend it on food and eat in front of you. The call center is viewed as an unwanted expense. I have never felt valued for my hard work and dedication. When an employee is taken care of, they will take care of the customers.

Advice to Management

Alder's goal is to get more customers and cut costs. I think that if Alder invested in their current customers more (by investing in the call center) then they wouldn't be starving for more money. It's sad to see such talent go through the call center and leave because the only bearable thing about working there is the coworkers. I don't recommend working here.

I moved up to the position of Supervisor and got a pay bump to $14 hour, but at the same time, the supervisor bonus was cut.

December 16, 2019

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