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What are meetings like at Animalz?

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January 14, 2022


Maybe I missed the growing pains, but I'm not sure where the negative reviews come from. I joined the team in 2021 and I can honestly say that this is the first job I've taken in a LONG time where I haven't been looking on Indeed/LinkedIn a few months in to see what else is out there due to issues in the company. I plan on being here as long as they'll have me! Everyone I've met has been supportive and as helpful as they can be. I have not experienced any sort of "toxic" and believe me, I have worked in some incredibly toxic companies before so I'd point it out if it existed. The negative reviews on here claim that the CMs are overworked, but I haven't felt that way at all. This is the first content marketing job I've had where they place an emphasis on your writing quality instead of quantity, and it's incredibly refreshing. As a CM, you'll work with an editor who challenges you and helps you spot your weaknesses so that you can grow as a writer. You'll also have a team lead to help you with any impediments and help you reach the OKRs you set for yourself. Yes, you do work directly with customers, and yes, you are responsible for the relationship, but they're working to bring in customer success managers to help take some of that off the CM's plate. I personally think it's good to work directly with the customers so that as the writer, you can establish that relationship with them and ultimately create better content. Management is also very accessible. I saw a review on here that said the CEO doesn't answer questions during office hours meetings, and that hasn't been my experience at all. Any time I've attended an office hours meeting, she's read each question and answered it as thoroughly as possible or handed it over to someone who could answer better than she could. They also encourage us to reach out via Slack or even set up a meeting with them if we need anything. If you're wanting a job where you have the ability to grow and focus on your writing, then I think you'd love it here. Other pros include: - flex schedule (great for parents especially) - 4 weeks of PTO + 5 floating holidays (first place I've worked that gives this much PTO!) - unlimited sick time/personal days (like, you can actually be sick and not have to use your PTO. amazing.) - decent benefits - 401K - detailed onboarding training


Just to keep it real, these would be the cons I've experienced: - dependent coverage is expensive - it can be overwhelming at first to learn all the processes (but that's true of any job) - you don't have any input on the clients you're assigned, which can be frustrating at times especially if you don't have existing knowledge of their field/they're more technical than what you're used to - when you work at a place with employees across the globe, it can take longer than what you're used to in a typical company to get answers to a question

They also encourage us to reach out via Slack or even set up a meeting with them if we need anything.

January 14, 2022

Reviewed by: Content Marketing Manager (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1