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September 1, 2020

What are co-workers like at Blackhawk Network?


Simple basic systems and the team members are nice, very new and unexperienced. Most of my team of 12 had less than 1 year at BLN. Turn-over is horrendous! Wasn't there long enough to understand why but you could feel it in the air at work that something isn't just right.


They'd prefer very old 1990's school of hiring way too many inexperience finance people using mostly Excel financial models that are sometimes confusing due to lack of Excel experience(s). Management doesn't like new ideas or any improvements of workbooks and/or systems even if they are free. Wasted many days and weeks just trying to tie period end at times and IT won't let you know and you'll be pulling out your hair trying to figure out why you numbers don't tie out.

Advice to Management

Stop firing and looking solely at hiring only minorities and hire more experience individuals that have years of experience and knowledge. Hiring and firing people on a regular basis doesn't progress your teams financial knowledge. We had over 12 team members (all less than 1 year at BHN) in our group and I alone could have VBA automated 8 team members jobs alone. Making it impossible for team members to have just the basics in Excel add-in, attributes, etc., was impossible due to Management. Simpler isn't necessary better especially in a competitive environment.

Simple basic systems and the team members are nice, very new and unexperienced.

September 1, 2020

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