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Read what Blue Byte employees think about their coworkers. A positive work environment relies on a variety of factors and your coworkers play one of the biggest roles. This is the chance for you to learn more about your future colleagues.

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August 5, 2021

What are co-workers like at Blue Byte?


There are some good practices in development and you will learn a good amount depending on your discipline. The experience looks good on your resume too. Also, most the people who work there are friendly.


Can be very cliquey and leadership is atrocious, with indecision rife. It also is not diverse (at least in 2020) at all. The wages were terrible, and any questions regarding wage structure were met with corporate responses; with the final unofficial verdict being, don't like it, find a new job. Leads run their teams like they are a Roman emperor, people get frozen out or ostracized from teams instead of outright let go or fired, having a 'great' effect on the victims mental health... There was also even one instance of a request for mental help denied/ignored due to the lead's dislike of the person requesting help. Favouritism is common there, with friends or acquaintances of leads/management preferred for senior roles under the guise of "we know how they work and are a good fit".

Also, most the people who work there are friendly.

August 5, 2021

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