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October 12, 2022


45k starting pay back when it meant something. Newer office, German company. No other perks.


Very condescending manager talking trash about me in his office with the door open. He was angry at the fact that I didn't know they're industry and was talking about me in third person to my face. Super conniving and very snotty. There's something really wrong with this guy I couldn't tell you what it is.. Highly unprofessional staff with the exception of one person. When I was hired there they told me after the fact that I was supposed to take over their accounting department too which I wasn't even told about. The person that was supposed to be training me on their sap system didn't have time to help me properly and she even admitted that. I walked out after five days because of how awful the head manager was. I didn't feel welcome and I didn't feel like I even had the opportunity to learn let alone do the job. Quite frankly it was the most unpleasant experience of my life!

Advice to Management

You said you were going to retire. Do it if you haven't. Your treatment of me fostered very negative feelings about the company and can't be good for Morale. Make sure that there is enough time for training and that you introduce the new hire to the company and the business!

Very condescending manager talking trash about me in his office with the door open. Read More

October 12, 2022

Reviewed by: Anonymous in Waukesha, WI (Anonymous Employee)

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