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December 17, 2020

Does Continued offer bonus pay?


While no place or group of people is perfect, this place comes pretty dang close! Company culture is key here and is protected fiercely. Neither hiring nor firing is done quickly, nor without a lot of concerted thought. Due diligence is done in the hiring process, ensuring that each person is right for the role and the company and vice versa. Reviews are taken seriously and ratings never come as a surprise. Great care is taken to ensure that everyone can do their job to the best of their ability and to understand and help remedy when there may be perceived inefficiencies. The onboarding experience was the best I've ever had - great documentation and plan for getting you everything you need, meeting all the folks you need to meet, and helping you get a good foundation with your job, your team, and the company. Even with wildly varying personalities, everyone really seems to work well together, even when there is disagreement. With smart, passionate folks who care deeply about the customers we serve, you are bound to have conflict, but I've never seen an instance where it was not handled with grace and concern for all involved. Leadership seems to care and respect the opinions of everyone in the company. Benefits are fantastic. Insurance could be a bit better, but I know that's always a difficult decision for a company to make. Other benefits I love are: - wellness coordinator, with free online workout classes, monthly motivation meetings, fitbit or similar, step challenges, and a wellness stipend for workout equipment, massages, standing desks, etc. - Free kindle and select books for the book club - all 100% remote all of the time, not just in Covid - health advocate - service that helps you understand your health benefits, dispute any charges, etc - saved me $1200 last year! - random fun bonuses - when projects have been launched, I've received chocolates and other congratulations in the mail - training and growth plans for each person - all work equipment provided, including an internet stipend - monthly company meetings with total transparency into current status of the company, financials, etc. Work/life balance is definitely a thing here! When you work from home, it is easy to get in the habit of working all of the time. But I've found that I get very few late night/weekend/holiday slack messages and emails. And then it's really only during off hours deployments or emergencies (which are few). When folks take PTO, they really do take time off and not expected to work! When I've worked remotely in other places, the assumption is that you could always take out your laptop anywhere/anytime. Response to Covid has been great. Since we are all remote already, it didn't change much of the day to day, but all travel has been cancelled for the year and into 2021 to ensure the safety of all employees. That means we didn't get our annual company get together, but glad that no one feels pressured to travel during this time. And we have been good to adapt to financial and other changes that came about during Covid - ensuring that our customers needs are still met as well. Anniversaries are honored every year and I'm amazed at how many folks are here for 5, 10, 15+ years! People here are passionate about what we do and improving the world by educating others.


Sometimes we seem a bit slow to change, but it's due to the thought put around changes and how they would affect all areas of the company, both employees and our consumers. Like some other reviews have said, if you are not self motivated, this might not be the place for you. One of my favorite mottos is "hire adults and treat them like adults". There is no micro managing here and you are in control of your job, your day, your work.

Advice to Management

As we grow, continue to ensure that all employees feel supported and that their thoughts and opinions are heard. You've taken great care to hire great folks (who stay here for LONG amounts of time) and it would be easy to lose sight of the culture that has made us great so far. :)

random fun bonuses

December 17, 2020

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