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Read what CoverMyMeds employees think about diversity and inclusion at the company, and if their workforce is comprised and supportive of individuals of varying gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion and other attributes.

CoverMyMeds has a diversity rating of 3.9.

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September 19, 2019

How is diversity at CoverMyMeds?


•Camaraderie, especially in support •Flexible shifts, they do change every 3 months though with occasional coverage needed


•Company does not comply with its Core Values •Toxic Company Culture constantly pushed even though it is just what upper management wants to hear •Little commitment to diversity and inclusion

Advice to Management

I met some incredible people at CMM. However, what I noticed time and time again, people who put in their hardest were passed up for promotions and career growth. In addition, the company’s policy is to not discuss salary. However, it’s not illegal to do so and necessary for people to be getting compensated based on their effort, experience, and contributions. I knew some amazing individuals who continuously were passed over for people who knew someone or seemed to be on some fast track. It depends on the connections you make and who you know, there certainly is not equal opportunity to grow. Structurally, the entire time I was there, Support was sort of a mess. People were leaving or being transferred by the dozen, and CMM did not hire enough people to replace them, so we would get emergency alerts about the queue being incredibly high/ backlogged (which I understand it fluctuates and there are extenuating circumstances) but certainly you can’t just lose 30 of your support workers and expect everything to be functioning as usual. Just before I left, as well as several times prior, we could get emails about the restructuring of support. Were we consulted? No. Were we given an explanation of how this would impact us? Also no. Just who was the “new boss” and who would report to them. Most alarmingly, especially in the wake of CMM being named a best place to work for women, I had several experiences working there along with others who faced discriminatory comments and non-respectful circumstances. I brought this up to several channels, and HR, most alarmingly, did not handle it adequately at all. I was victim-blamed and HR did not want to confront the coworker in fear of “targeting” them. When I was the one being harassed. CMM as a company is very good at sweeping things under the rug under the guise of “best place to work”. If only a small portion of the company’s employees are ethnically diverse, how is it possible that diversity and inclusion are critical factors? That was honestly one of the most blaring things I noticed in my time there. If you look beyond the environments team deciding to put arcade games and a pool table in, and lunches, there are fundamental issues and I do not feel the employees, particularly in support, get the say or concern they should at all.

•Little commitment to diversity and inclusion

September 19, 2019

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