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Cox Automotive Compensation FAQ

Read what Cox Automotive employees think about their compensation at the company.

Cox Automotive has a compensation and benefits rating of 4.2. If you want to know how much Cox Automotive employees make, head to their Salaries page to see a list of salaries per occupation, along with bonuses.

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Updated on March 29, 2022
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Innovating across our brands, serving our communities and staying true to our values has allowed Cox to thrive and grow over the past 120...More

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Cox Automotive
Technical Customer Care Specialist I
Cox Automotive - United States
$36K - $54K
Cox Automotive
Customer Care Specialist II
Cox Automotive - Oregon
$36K - $54K
Cox Automotive
Mobile Inspector II
Cox Automotive - California
$36K - $54K
Cox Automotive
Mobile Automotive Inspector - South Orange County
Cox Automotive - California
$40K - $60K
Cox Automotive
Technical Customer Care Analyst II
Cox Automotive - Atlanta, GA
$47K - $63K

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Cox Automotive

12 days ago

It's normal to feel anxious before a job interview, but don't let job-seeking jitters get the best of you. In this article, Cox recruiters provide expert advice on navigating your nerves. Learn more and explore jobs at Cox!
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Overcoming Your Interview Fears

Cox Automotive

17 days ago

A job offer can be such an exciting moment that sometimes we let our guard down and don’t hear our internal alarm bells, and scammers try to take advantage of that. If someone claims to be a Cox recruiter and asks for your personal information through email, social media or chat, do not provide it. Also, we will NEVER ask you to purchase equipment or send us money as a condition of employment. Learn more about our official recruiting process and protect yourself from scammers.
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Hiring FAQs
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