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Einstein Industries has a career opportunities rating of 3.8.

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August 5, 2019


I made some friends along the way (but we were all suffering together). The company was a decent stepping-stone for an actual career afterward.


I've noticed fake reviews lately praising this company, so that made me want to share my own experiences. I worked there for over a year and documented all of the wrongdoings Einstein doled out to me and everyone else. Here's a list of the things that made me want to quit Einstein: - Raises were frozen and dangled in front of us like animals. The executives told us if we hit a ridiculous sales goal for 3 months in a row, those who deserve raises will get them. We never hit that sales goal for even one month, so they stopped bringing up raises entirely. - They have no respect for their employees. A manager who was working there for over 17 years got fired on a whim. She was well-loved and fought for her employees, but the CEO apparently didn't like that. - They transfer job responsibilities over to the next person/department and give no higher pay or incentives. - The CEO makes canned speeches every month about wanting everyone in the company to get richer and for their families to have cars and houses and blah blah blah. He's all talk. He says all that just to appease us and then does nothing to create that reality; no raises, no 401k matching, very little room to grow. He also yells at employees in private (and in front of others) but puts on a fake smile when he passes you by. He also barely knows anyones names except people who have been there for 10 years. Everyone is disposable to him -- just as long as he can keep living the rich life, that's all that matters to him. - The executives get spoiled with funds for new cars, laptops, and daily catered food. Meanwhile everyone else just gets empty promises and (if we were lucky) catered food once a month. Maybe if every single room in the office didn't have an 80 inch TV (with many rooms being constantly empty), they could afford to throw some money toward their employees. They all got brand new Macbook Pros with the touchbar sensor. I did the math, and one of those laptops could give at least a $1/hr raise to TWO people for a year. But no, let's get the executives $1,500 laptops in addition to their desktop computers so they can scroll through spreadsheets better. Complete greed. - It's very disorganized. For the last few months, I had no idea where the company was going or what was going on. The executives halted transparency because they were trying to build a product (and taking forever to do it). - There is absolutely no company culture. The office is like a depressing, ever-emptying airplane hangar. So many people have left that the office looks ridiculous with like 50% of the office being empty desks. - Link-building is one of the cornerstones of SEO and, to my knowledge, Einstein had 0 tools or services for link-building. It's strange, because the audit we sold had a section about link profiles and how well our client was performing, yet we had NOTHING for it. It makes absolutely no sense. You can't call yourself an SEO company and not have a link-building service. - They changed the role of "Project Manager" to "Project Coordinator", despite 100% of the employees being against this change.

Advice to Management

Stop spending money on yourselves and start investing in your employees. And stop firing people who speak out against you or have differing opinions. Actually, the company is collapsing anyway, so the only thing that would stop it is starting the company over with executives who aren't selfish and spend money on themselves.

stone for an actual career afterward.

August 5, 2019

Reviewed by: Anonymous in San Diego, CA (Former Employee)

1 English review out of 1

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