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Enertech Resources has a Senior Management rating of 2.9, and Eric Chase, the CEO of Enertech Resources, has an approval rating of 100% across the organization.

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July 13, 2021

How are senior leaders perceived at Enertech Resources?


Most people, short of the program manager and foreman, are hard workers.


One office employee [title removed] here has a BAD case of short-man syndrome and has no leadership skills at all. The employee claims to have over 20 years of tower experience, however, in reality, has only spent a few years on a tower before their former company realized the person couldn't cut it as a tower hand and placed them at a desk job for the majority of their time at that company. Add the lack of this employee's skills with the drug-using out-of-office employee [title removed] and you have a ticking timebomb of someone getting seriously hurt, or killed, due to the amount of ignorance within this company. Employees are constantly being told to do things the wrong way, unsafely, and sometimes downright illegally. The company's field working employees have damaged customer property while doing installs and then are told to leave the job site without informing the client of the damage done. Out-of-office employees worked a lot of hours without getting paid for time spent at job sites due to the [title removed] showing up HOURS late to the job and then not placing the crew on the clock until after they themselves arrive. The late-arriving employee doesn't care because they'll receive their over-paid salary regardless since they are buds with the clueless office employee [title removed]. The company needs to remove the cancer from within itself.

Advice to Management

Get rid of the two morons mentioned in the review before they cause your company to go to ruins.

man syndrome and has no leadership skills at all.

July 13, 2021

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