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Ensighten Senior Leadership FAQ

Read what Ensighten employees think about senior leadership and the CEO at the company.

Ensighten has a Senior Management rating of 2.5, and Marty Greenlow, the CEO of Ensighten, has an approval rating of 60% across the organization.

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July 24, 2020

How are senior leaders perceived at Ensighten?


I genuinely loved working at Ensighten. They have the best work/life balance of any company I've ever been at. If you have appointments or a schedule that requires you to be away at times during the day Ensighten can usually accommodate that. As long as your work gets done they're very flexible. The engineers you'll work with there are top notch. They have very smart people doing complex work. Ensighten's products all have a high degree of customization and as a result of that you have to learn a lot to build out the structure and features to accommodate that. They're friendly, fun people to work with too. I still keep in touch with several friends from the company. It might seem like a small detail but Ensighten's internal systems and equipment are really good as well. Your email and work chat are always going to work, and you'll have sufficiently powered hardware to work with that you can use as you see fit to get the job done. Not a lot of over-the-shoulder monitoring. The top management of the company is really good too. That wasn't always the case but the current c-level execs have all been in their positions several years now and they've got the company on a good course. The CTO is very busy but will gladly have a meeting with you if you request one, and will take any feedback you give seriously. The CEO I haven't interacted with a lot but each time he remembered my name and made sure to greet me. Really I feel like Ensighten is a good place to work and I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone. There is one slight caveat to that, which I'll spell out in the cons section.


Most of the cons with Ensighten are pretty minor, but I do have one big con that I'll put at the end. The Tech Ops team that makes software choices for the rest of the company sometimes need to be pushed on to get the full answers or help with their projects. They never turn people away, but unless you set up meetings with them you're likely to get partial answers. It gives the impression that they don't feel other teams concerns are worth their time. That said they're a busy group and and they still try to help so I consider it pretty minor. Ensighten tries to say it's a startup, but in my opinion the company isn't really a startup anymore. They have the enthusiasm of a startup, but the projects and products there have been around for some time and there really isn't the opportunity to make major changes or pivot the way a startup would. Ensighten has established themselves, and that's not a bad thing. Unfortunately, I do have to list one major con. One of Ensighten's products is called "Manage" and I have to advise anyone reading this to avoid that team unless they can confirm a change in management sometime after this review. My coworkers on that team were some of the best people I ever worked with. However a new manager was brought on to the team and he is very toxic. Playing favorites with employees, lying about performance, and airing personal criticisms during standup were just a few ways he would cause trouble on the team. It got so bad that I filed an HR complaint and asked to switch teams. The HR complaint included incidents covering a 5 month time span and included chat links to show what was actually said. Even though it was just 5 months, the complaint was 16 pages long. After filing it, if this manager caused another incident he'd then go through chat and delete messages in the hope of avoiding future HR reports. He was a real piece of work. Ensighten was very responsive about the issues and moved me to another team. But the damage had been done and I felt I had to leave the company because of that manager. I was not the only employee that had a hard time with him so my expectation would be if he continues to treat others so poorly that he'd be moved into a different role in the company. To be plain, if you're looking to work at Ensighten I must advise avoiding the Manage team. The rest of the company really is great to work for though and I'd have no issue recommending any other position there.

Advice to Management

Try and make it clearer what direction the company is headed in. And keep an eye on Manage team.

The top management of the company is really good too.

July 24, 2020

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