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August 3, 2021


Fair compensation.Inclusive and diversity embraced. Progressive.Attempts to accommodate staff needs and is quite successful.Offers good training.Technology competent.


There is a clear schism from line staff and clinical staff which is common in the field.In efforts to work closer with Veterans administration and low income homeless housing community providers a approach that was not conducive to framework and collaboration with those organizations was presented.In this persons humble opinion this caused residents being served in housing managed by Firststep house to experience feelings of further marginalization.Program managers at transitional housing for homeless individuals need extensive experience with HUD regulations and the ability to adovocate for the residents with success.Having a clinical trained director caused the approach to the endevour was detremental to the organization.Oh well chalk it up to experience and move on.

Advice to Management

There are lots of reasons why people do things.Most of the reasons are self-centered ,self preservation oriented.Some folk do what they perceive is best.Asking me " why don't you want to help us" was a fair question.I had remote access problems which I was unable to remedy.I also had been trying to support a program manger that clearly was struggling.The program manager started taking a stimulant and changed.I was threatened by the PM before the pandemic then received a health diagnosis that sent me into a dark journey I am happy to report that I am stronger for due to self care and self love.First step house needs to be seen in the community as the noble endevour it is attempting.I valued my time with First Step House and would love to see sustainable success for the organization.

Fair compensation.Inclusive and diversity embraced. Read More

August 3, 2021

Reviewed by: Case Manager

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