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Does Gartner offer health savings accounts?

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July 31, 2019


Incredibly fair comp plan for sales, especially for Account Management group where the book of business you get handed largely defines your initial success. Comp plan has very few disincentives unlike most organizations where it can feel like comp plan is specifically designed to screw you over. If you ask and press there's a ton of opportunities and options for advancement. Company has standardized workstations with standing desks, fast computers, and dual monitors. Crazy opportunity for early-mid career people to interact with senior technology leaders that would otherwise never talk to them. Incredible learning experience with access to the depth/breadth of Gartner's research. Company is very explicit about supporting you whenever you have an issue (dr apts, vet apts, unexpected events, etc) Resources available are massive but rarely used.


Poor communication from the top down on approaches and metrics. Things change rapidly and we're agile which is great but it almost never makes it down to the floor unless you know people or constantly bug your VP/HR. Yet again, nobody knows how mid-year raises are working this year or what they're based on despite being a month into q3 A lot of new reps have difficulty grasping selling an intangible product and there's high turnover on the manager level since most promoted managers are just successful reps. Your Gartner experience varies widely based on your direct-line manager. I happen to have an exceptional one and a fantastic VP, but I know my experience is atypical. Some managers are very wet behind the ears and focused on the wrong metrics. No reason to have dial sheets when you're paying reps at least 100k a year to manage and grow high value accounts. You really need to adjust your approach based on what that particular manager wants (even though everyone sits next to everyone else). We've lost focus on delivering ongoing value to clients and a lot of reps just pitch new products quarterly instead of being invested in their accounts which turns off a lot of IT leaders from engaging. Most new people don't understand that your performance in training dictates your initial opportunity and just try to coast. You're constantly being evaluated from every level. Health insurance out of pockets can be intimidating. Gartner seeds your HSA which is great, but something that covers more would be super nice.

Advice to Management

Read your own research on flexible work arrangements/technology approaches etc. Absolutely no reason we shouldn't have an actual CRM. Establish clear lines of communication about focus and approaches, and when thinking at a higher level shifts, tell the people executing that strategy.

Gartner seeds your HSA which is great, but something that covers more would be super nice.

July 31, 2019

Reviewed by: Account Executive in Arlington, VA (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1