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IgniteTech Benefits FAQ

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The most popular benefit at IgniteTech is Work From Home. If you want to see a full list of benefits and perks at IgniteTech listed by categories, head to their Benefits page. From insurance, health and wellness to vacation and more, find out what you could benefit from when working at IgniteTech.

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Does IgniteTech offer vision insurance?

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February 13, 2022


I came in as part of acquisition of my company into ESW Capital group. I am currently working as CSM with IgniteTech. I was previously with Avolin which is another BU (like IgniteTech) in ESW Capital. Overall, I have worked for 3.5 years with ESW Capital as of now. Below are few of the pros (as per me) which one consider before making a decision to be part of the company. - Intellectual group of people from across the globe. They have tough selection process. - Contract based role (well that brings disadvantages like no paid leaves, insurance etc.) - Higher than Market Pay rates for most countries - They flash the hourly rate on careers website. I have not seen such thing with any other company. The pay scale is same irrespective of the country from where you work. - Flexible working hours - You have to work for 40 hours in a week. You can complete that in 4 days or in 7 days and work anytime of day as you want. However, the only expectation would be attend meetings based on client expectation (if you have client facing role). I guess that is fair expectation in any company. - Adaptation is the key here. The company has a dynamic culture and they will experiment the new strategies if something does not work. If change excites you, this is the place to work. If you are resistive to change, you might not survive long. - Metrics Driven Approach - Every individual has a role to contribute towards companies goal for the year. CEO is very clear on the goal and communicates same at the start of year. Each of the contractor in company contributes to achieve that goal. - They don't take no as an answer. This can be tough but if you have a very valid reason on why something cannot be done, it is definitely acceptable. But, the atmosphere is inclusive to find a solution or workaround for that NO. - Competitive Atmosphere - They believe in healthy competition. One would improve as a person if he is in competitive atmosphere. Well, there is no place for you in company if you cannot try. Try and fail is accepted. But not trying is not accepted for sure. - 100% Remote - No travel time wastage, no energy waste in travelling, wake up fresh and work and have rest time with your loved ones. Plan your weeks to have long weekends with easy Friday as you only need to hit 40 hours. - Flat Organization - You can reach out to CEO as well to have 1:1 discussion with him.


- Initial days can be tricky or tough - As the environment is unique in this company, you might have issues in adapting initially. - 40 hours clock - They have a tracking mechanism to identify if a person is really working or not. This can be seen as a negative but this is definitely required to identify those who try to take advantage of remote environment. If you work genuinely, there won't be any such issues you would face. - Changing Environment - Sometimes this can add frustration. You might have to learn new product and then 2 weeks later, the strategy would change. So, that can be frustrating sometimes. - Job Security - They do not have this word in the dictionary which is very true with business world. It is world known fact that no lunches are free. So, if you add value to the system, you will be part of system. As per me, this is a pros rather than con. However, it would depend from person to person. You can definitely reach out to anyone to get more responsibilities if you feel you have available time in your week to add more value. They would respect that

Advice to Management

As the contractor who leaves the organization has very limited time in notice period, we need a strong mechanism to absorb what best we can and store it in a knowledge repository. Google drive does not do justice to that.

It is world known fact that no lunches are free.

February 13, 2022

Reviewed by: Customer Success Manager in Bangalore (Current Contractor)

1 English review out of 1