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February 25, 2022


1) Geographical independence This is very important to me. I appreciated it especially when a war broke out where live. This job gave me sense of security, since I was able to move my family to safety and still be employed. 2) Equal treatment and pay grade no matter where you come from. I have many friends who work remotely but are paid the fraction of what other colleagues of theirs make, simply because their country was designated as "low pay" by the companies they work for. Well not at IgniteTech, in here you are paid based n you merit and not your place of birth, and you are paid pretty well at that. 3) Meritocracy with possibility to make a career. I will not sugarcoat it, IgniteTech is a very challenging and demanding place to work. We have a culture of change here, and many are not able to cope with change being the only true constant. However if you have what it takes, if you are ready to work hard, if constantly changing environment does not scare you, then you can build a career here. I have been promoted multiple times at IgniteTech, so I know first hand that it is possible. 4) Really amazing, intelligent, and hard working team There is always much to learn from the people you work with. They come from everywhere, they are intelligent and friendly. Every colleague I deal with is always happy to extend a helping hand. I can truly say that many of them have become my friends. So working with such a group of people makes work easy and friendly.


No paid time off, which makes you think twice for every vacation.

This job gave me sense of security, since I was able to move my family to safety and still be employed. Read More

February 25, 2022

Reviewed by: Manager, Professional Services (Current Employee)