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February 8, 2022


They gave me money. Little money but money nonetheless


Horrible pay structure, bad room for advancement, detrimental OT pay, and company culture needs to change

Advice to Management

Quit recruiting kids out of college that don't know the hell you are about to put them through. Don't tell your employees to work OT then proceed to give them Chinese OT (Start at half $ time OT then goes down every hour you work more past OT). The amount of money dispatchers make compared to how much you get yelled at by drivers or your supervisor for not being able to get a driver to do a run is horrendous. You start at $37,500 as a MIT then get shipped out to wherever they need you. In my case Wilmer Texas (Dallas), but they did not adjust for the much higher cost of living there. Maybe Memphis would have been better, but all I can say is I do not support anyone working under the VP there

Horrible pay structure, bad room for advancement, detrimental OT pay, and company culture needs to change Read More

February 8, 2022

Reviewed by: Manager In Training (MIT) (Former Employee)

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