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What are working conditions like at Ivy Technology?

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October 31, 2021


* Great coworkers, lots of fun people to work around. * Decent pay depending on where you are assigned. * Flexibility to get critical tasks done. * Certain managers are responsive and great leaders. * If you are management material, a spot will open up for you sooner than you might expect. (Kind of a neutral point)


* From the perspective of the technicians on the floor, the company is completely mismanaged. * Superior performance merits only more work to do, with no monetary rewards. * Many managers and supervisors at every level have been cycled through as they come in, get burnt out, and leave. * The plant is straight up not safe to work in. Pallets and old equipment clutter the causeway 24/7, exposed wiring, and haphazard forklift drivers. Not to mention the other numerous safety violations. The maintenance staff is great, but they need more people to adequately take care of this place. * The bottom dollar is the only thing that matters. Safety, camaraderie, morale, and anything else that doesn't result in short term money is extraneous. * Little to no opportunity for advancement or raises for 90% of workers. * No paid holidays. * Horrible insurance and benefits. * Most people in most business units are temps because the company knows how fast it chews through workers.

Advice to Management

Listen to your people. Short term revenues create pitfalls in the care of your work staff, which is the key to your long term revenue. Take care of them now, inspire confidence and they will stay long enough for you to create a profitable work staff. Focusing solely on the trees will cause you to miss the forest.

Not to mention the other numerous safety violations.

October 31, 2021

Reviewed by: Operations Team Leader in Jeffersontown, KY (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1