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January 8, 2019

Does Jet Pet Resort offer pet insurance?


Dogs Amazing clients Great hours Okay wage Pet first aid certificate


Poor management- so focused on the money coming in, they often overlook staff, and supplies and worse- sometimes the dogs. Little to no training for staff- although all dog lovers. They clearly don’t have the knowledge or training they should. Often dogs are left in the daycare unattended while staff sit on their phones, watch movies. Or simply refuse to take responsibility for what they’re there to do.... CATER TO DOGS NEEDS. Dogs fights are common. And instead of working around the dogs or taking time to sit in the room, they often make excuses as to what happened, watch their cameras, blame the dogs, . Ask the parents to pay the vet bills. And ban the dog. - In some cases it’s needed. But can be avoided 80% of the time if they were attending to the dogs and checking on them instead of letting them all bark and “feed” off each other energies.

Advice to Management

Go over your core values with staff. Enforce their tasks. Animals are family to many. Have your employees rotating through the rooms all day. Never leaving them alone for more then 20 min max. Put safety first. Fix your facilities that need renovations. Alittle will go a long way, will make the places feel more inviting. By motivating staff, You won’t need to ban so many dogs. Therefore your reviews and your income will increase again. Train train train. Your company has so much potential! It just needs management. Lots of it. When working there, the place was full of gossip, it felt like a clique from highschool. if you’re not the managers “friend” and doing what she does- isn’t a whole lot. Then you’re most likely to be the underdog, overworking , buying supplies, and trying to ignore ones own morals. Just to work there. The way dogs get hurt , but you find staff sleeping because they’re hungover. Staff saying not to clean Poop because you have “poo eating dogs” I won’t lie. My heart breaks for those who really are trying their best. Maybe appreciating them and actually giving positive reinforcement. You won’t go through staff so fast. I left that place with the worst feelings. And after some time. STILL, can’t get over the way they treat their staff and most pets.

Pet first aid certificate

January 8, 2019

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