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Le-Vel Management FAQ

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July 17, 2020

How is management perceived at Le-Vel?


Everyone is generally nice. Good people you'd enjoy.


Dysfunctional management. 1. They claim they are "interrupt-driven". What they really mean is that they are ADD and want it now. Wanting it now is not a problem. The attention span of management is a huge problem. 2. They claim they need self-starters that know what to do. What they really mean is they want employees that will bypass management and get information however they can while being disallowed from contact with the business sponsor of the feature or product to ask additional questions. They actively promote the idea that a single sentence of explanation is worth more than a paragraph. Employee's that are successful in this environment primarily take the sentence they're given, build something totally wrong, then present it. At which time they are granted a small amount of feedback and return to try again. Eventually it is good enough and the feature goes live.

Advice to Management

Lot's of businesses, even in software, pivot quickly. Being "interrupt-driven" doesn't justify the dysfunction of poor access to information. Simply requiring that a person who has the vision and can answer questions is the feature owner for each feature. Also, allow the lead developer to speak to the feature owner to gather requirements. Doing this one thing will increase developer efficiency and remove 80% of the dysfunction.

The attention span of management is a huge problem.

July 17, 2020

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