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March 16, 2022


This is based on my own opinion when working in the office for 3 months the reviews and think carefully before applying for this job As 3d artist, you'd get: - lots of opportunities to enhance your skills (from looking how senior does) - chill colleagues who could help you. - big triple A title project exposure, such as darksouls, 2k19, Final Fantasy, even The Sims. As Overall, you'd get: - flexible working hours - Free food on pantry every friday (halal for muslim) - medical insurance coverage (limited) - decent working environment


This is why I put this company in a two star category: - Bad management as the other reviewer mentioned. - Some bad leaders and hr..You could get yelled at and criticized in your evaluation if you don't perform well. - Always OT if you couldn't finish on time.. - office space can be too cold and uncomfortable. also too much visitors coming and could interrupt your work. - Parking is NOT CHEAP there. Rm 11 per day (for long hour work). Sometimes the ticket machine broke and If you park outside it would be risky to get clamped (and pay rm50.) - I didn't dwelve on the politics there but I heard that it's quite dirty. - Lift can be crowded as there too many people going down. (the company is on 11th floor so you either have to endure long stairs or going through crowded elevator) - Majority are chinese..and they are all speaking in their own language which can be segregating to the other non-chinese speaker.

Advice to Management

listen to the worker and please dont be late when others are waiting for interview session.

Free food on pantry every friday (halal for muslim) Read More

March 16, 2022

Reviewed by: 3D Artist (Former Intern)

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