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Lemon SKY Studio Senior Leadership FAQ

Read what Lemon SKY Studio employees think about senior leadership and the CEO at the company.

Lemon SKY Studio has a Senior Management rating of 2.8.

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July 1, 2021

How are senior leaders perceived at Lemon SKY Studio?


-a lot of big name project and get great credit -a lot of different workflow can be learn -can learn a bunch of skill from great people(not the CEO) -some friendly artist -some friendly manager


-OT too much -well you have to see which art director you are under, some are forcing you to OT and trying to reduce the employee review mark and some director are really appreciate their own artist. (DEPENDS) -There is a few cases where this company does not let employee take MC due to project are super emergency and important than your life. -Project manager, some are friendly but some are not friendly and will never trust own teammate, depends on which manager you have, mostly girl are more trusty -Annual leave system are to complicated and some how have to go through a few more higher up then only they approve Annual leave -Salary wise are unfair, if you are graduated from The One Academy your salary will be higher than other fresh grad, if from other college, your salary mostly below than RM2300 mostly RM2100 which is under the base salary term. Also is hard to get more increment even argued with the CEO. -Contract letter is not contract letter, more too probation letter. -Lastly, what I can say is depends on you whether you want to join or what not because this company can be consider as not bad but still bad, not bad in the way that you can really learn a lot of things and get credit (ONLY FOR FRESH GRADUATE), and also depends on your mindset, there is joy and sad time, but the thing I really admire in this company is I get a lot of great experience from this company

can learn a bunch of skill from great people(not the CEO)

July 1, 2021

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