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June 16, 2022


Very flat management structure with good exposure to key decision makers. Brilliant culture that fosters an open and collegiate atmosphere. Excellent formal training and exposure to deal processes which isn’t available elsewhere Really great employees who clearly all enjoy working together and are happy to help one another. Brilliant firm for someone looking to work in private equity, the deal flow is huge and there is masses of experience across all major sectors. Deal size and structure also vary massively which is good for someone looking for a varied experience.


None to think as of yet.

Advice to Management

Carry on giving exposure to junior members of the team and fostering the collegiate atmosphere.

Very flat management structure with good exposure to key decision makers. Read More

June 16, 2022

Reviewed by: Intern Investment Management in London, England (Current Employee)

December 6, 2021


Can’t think of any plus points.


Misogynistic, sexist and work environment, culture of bullying, unrealistic expectations and aggressive management. Only female staff who are viewed as an object of desire are treated with favour (and yet still disrespected) by the predominantly male staff. Ageism also exists - the only PA aged 40+ was forced out of the company despite all her years experience because she was viewed as being of less value, even though she worked harder and for longer hours than the others, aware of the disadvantage and prejudice against her. Men who work there think they’re in Wolf of Wall Street and will behave inappropriately with female members of staff when they get them alone / think no one is looking and at staff socials/events. I had been expected to stay back and work late (unpaid) but I haven’t felt safe to do so. I was bullied and harassed by my manager and colleagues who spied on me, asked others for information about me and was verbally abusive and aggressive to me - it was a campaign against me that continued for months and created such a stressful environment. Sought support from HR who gaslighted me and the information was used against me and I was intimidated for speaking out.

Advice to Management

Create more appropriate levels of management and give your administrative staff and PAs the support they need. Stamp out sexual harassment and misogyny in the workplace. Offer flexi-time/overtime to staff and put an end to bullying or else you’ll continue to have a high staff turnover and low job satisfaction.

Misogynistic, sexist and work environment, culture of bullying, unrealistic expectations and aggressive management. Read More

December 6, 2021

Reviewed by: Administration Assistant (Former Employee)

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