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Read what Lucid Software employees think about their coworkers. A positive work environment relies on a variety of factors and your coworkers play one of the biggest roles. This is the chance for you to learn more about your future colleagues.

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January 5, 2020

What are co-workers like at Lucid Software?


- Coworkers are typically awesome and Lucid does a good job of hiring good people. The sales floor has a lot less "typical salespeople" compared to similar orgs. - The executive team is great and there is a decent level of transparency within the company. - Benefits are great and they go above and beyond to help in this aspect. - Weekly lunches/stocked break room.


- The initial, and probably most important con is the lack of pay. The compensation is well below market value for all positions in the sales org and it is only getting worse. If you're looking for traditional sales salaries, Lucid is not the place. - Quota attainment is unbelievably low (around 20-30% in most cases). Reps really don't ever feel like they have the ability to hit quota. - Middle management is unexperienced and it shows. Lucid acts like they want to expand into an enterprise level sales org but they don't have the management to do so. - The sales org in particular is suffering in the way of culture and overall morale. When I was there, reps were typically looking for other jobs; management either had no idea, or didn't care. - There is a greater push towards being in the office/at your desk simply so it looks good. Management really doesn't have any answers and they are enforcing silly tactics to try and improve numbers. (This is adding to the cultural shift as well)

Advice to Management

- Hire management who have experience growing a sales org and get rid of those who don't. - Face the fact that the culture is shifting at Lucid; you can't sweep it under the rug. - Seriously dig into the compensation. This is a massive issue especially since the culture is failing. Reps will leave unless they have something they can't get elsewhere. - Silly tactics and gimmicks don't work. If numbers are low, it isn't because someone isn't at their desk enough; find the real problem.

Coworkers are typically awesome and Lucid does a good job of hiring good people.

January 5, 2020

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