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July 31, 2022


They provide nice equipment Decent time off and perks Eventful


There are some terrible people in management positions Inflexible for remote work (must reside in Quebec)

Advice to Management

- Please take some lessons on how to work with people. - Practice what you preach. - Stop the favoritism, and evaluate everyone on your team fairly. - Learn how to actually process different/ opposing opinions (verbally claiming you are is not the same. Again, practice what you preach please) - Just because you're in a management position doesn't mean you're automatically right. - Learn to take and provide constructive criticism and not get defensive when their viewpoints are challenged. People are there to do the work and putting up with unprofessional leads shouldn't be part of it. Lastly, please stop throwing people under the bus, set them up for failure, and/or lay them off simply because they don't agree with you and want things to be better. If you really have decades of leading experience in the industry, please act like so. Fancy speeches can't cover your incompetence in people skills and ineffective management style. For everyone else, Ludia is a big company so it is bound to have some bad apples. If you are having a good experience at Ludia, that's great. But if you ever feel like your lead is being unfair, making unprofessional remarks towards you or others in the disguise of a different sense of humor, constantly moving the goal post, and more; you're not alone. We all know who this person is and the same problem will keep occurring as they never listen or bother to improve. I hope Ludia continues to thrive so the unpleasant people in management can continue to stay there. But if Ludia let fewer monkeys be in charge of mid-level management, I believe the recent massive layoff could be avoidable.

Decent time off and perks Read More

July 31, 2022

Reviewed by: Anonymous (Anonymous Employee)

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