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Mercury Systems is a leading technology company serving the aerospace and defense industry, positioned at the intersection of high tech and...More

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Mercury Systems

34 days ago

U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema and a group of manufacturing business leaders recently met at our Phoenix production facility for a roundtable focused on U.S. manufacturing competitiveness and workforce. She also took part in a tour of the facility, one of the few domestic sources of secure, advanced packaging for semiconductors used in various military platforms.
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Mercury Systems

139 days ago

Company News
Mercury CEO Mark Aslett appeared on a recent episode of Defense One Radio to share his insights on supply chain challenges, the rapidly evolving geopolitical environment and the need to make investments in critical semiconductor technologies. Read the highlights from the Q&A.
Shared image - Mercury CEO Mark Aslett Discusses National Security Challenges and Opportunities on Defense One Radio
Mercury CEO Mark Aslett Discusses National Security Challenges and Opportunities on Defense One Radio
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