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Millcreek of Pontotoc

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Millcreek of Pontotoc Compensation FAQ

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Millcreek of Pontotoc has a compensation and benefits rating of 2.1. If you want to know how much Millcreek of Pontotoc employees make, head to their Salaries page to see a list of salaries per occupation, along with bonuses.

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Does Millcreek of Pontotoc offer bonus pay?

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November 21, 2019


They are frequently looking to hire. Good insurance.


Employee contracts are changed when management needs to meet budget or expand the business. Employees are required to take off without pay when the company decides. Unless employees use their earned PTO, if any is available, insurance deductions are not met so the employee has to pay them out of their next check twice. There are no bonuses. Facilities are understaffed and employees are required to perform outside their duties to help meet the company needs to save money with no regard for staff safety, patients' needs or compensation. HR will not answer the phone or return calls.

Advice to Management

Value your employees, especially since you have such a hard time finding them to hire to begin with. Compensate those that live off and come to work everyday by paying them for their commute= PRN cost more than regular paid rate. This will cut cost of hiring new employees also. It looks better to the general public, community, school districts, referring agencies, when there is stability in a mental health treatment facility, not new staff every couple of months that have to learn how things work and flow therefore, faster paced care and more clientele referred= more profit. Be a company of your word and don't misuse and mistreat good employees to pad your pocketbook. Your employees working mean patients are taken care of and you are getting paid. Pay them not just on days worked, but by giving them mental health break days that you are closed on anyways with pay, not making them use their earned time off when you want but when is beneficial to them since it is theirs to use how they want. Healthy employees= less accidents, mistakes and time off. Working in mental health, it is vital to meet the needs of your patients. Fresh, energized, appreciated employees are better suited for the workday requirements when they have mental clarity and mental rest= patient success...revolving business= more profit. Just be good to others.

There are no bonuses.

November 21, 2019

Reviewed by: Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1