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June 10, 2021


Susan and Maureen are incredibly smart marketing leaders that deliver outcomes with excellence, but they don't stop there. They lead their company and their clients with heart. It is obvious that they want the best for everyone they interact with. When it comes to their employees, they give us the leeway to take something we find interesting and run with it! There is no micromanaging at all. If they see you need a little guidance they give it, but mostly they let you run with it. There's lots of trust to do things on your own which gives you the ability to grow in your job. When it comes to their clients, they, along with all of us at the PMG team, become true extensions of a client's team. That means developing real relationships where we care about each other's success. This is the first time I've seen this type of client/agency relationship in practice. It makes the work that much more enjoyable.


If you're not self-motivated and disciplined, a 100% remote work environment may not be for you. It's up to you to carve a career path for yourself here. It's self-directed and won't be mapped out for you. This is a pro for me, but for others may not be.

It's up to you to carve a career path for yourself here. Read More

June 10, 2021

Reviewed by: Digital Marketing Strategist (Current Employee)

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