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REYL & Cie has a career opportunities rating of 2.6.

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January 18, 2020

How are career development opportunities at REYL & Cie?


Some great hard-working, knowledgeable and likeable colleagues (alas, generally it's not them who get promoted to management positions) Good office location


Toxic and extremely political culture With a handful of exceptions, impressively incompetent management, which spends majority of their time playing politics rather than focusing on work. The extremely poor decision-making on their part demonstrates a sheer lack of necessary skills to manage the business and teams. Lack of professionalism and integrity, with some inappropriate behaviour by certain "managers". No honesty or trust is shown towards employees. Lying is a normal course of business. No meritocracy, no recognition for people who are actually doing the job. Pretty much inexistent career upside, except for those who are part of a narrow circle of the CEO's "friends". A lot of completely unwarranted chest pumping, complacency, pompousness and self-admiration, particularly by some "managers" and departments. The level of arrogance is just remarkable. Some very questionable hires, which weighs on the morale of other employees. The above issues are an evitable result of the lack of performance culture, reinforced by promotions of friends or those recommended by friends, while actual contributors are left behind. In some departments those in charge have no idea of what they are doing and how their business line is run. So you end up having a number of incompetents who are completely useless but who sit on a huge salary. They will hold on for their position for as long as they can as they realise Reyl is one of the few places where they can be paid generously without showing any results. Work less get paid more is the moto. If you have another job opportunity think twice before coming here.

Advice to Management

Advice? "Management" doesn't take advice anyways, but here we go... Change the top and divisional management. Install qualified leaders, dont promote incompetent friends. Foster qualified people within, with promotions based on results. Listen to people who actually know what they are talking about, rather than your "managers"-friends Stop repeating you're innovative, entrepreneurial and hard-working, because you are not. Show some humility. Focus on delivering results for the clients and gaining their trust, rather than on how to make a quick buck. The reputation is already catching up in certain circles. Stop lying to your employees and think they are gullible enough to believe you. Show some respect.

No meritocracy, no recognition for people who are actually doing the job.

January 18, 2020

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