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How is diversity at Seattle Opera?

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May 11, 2023


Seattle Opera provided a wonderful stepping-stone into a career in the performing arts while I was in grad school and beyond. During my first years there, I enjoyed the camaraderie and being able to perform, in addition being paid to do so. Not to mention being able to network with Opera's finest and form long-lasting connections.


This organization has a propensity to talk a HUGE game about how forward thinking they are when in reality the discrimination I've encountered myself is quite appalling, especially as a white cis-male. The reverse racism and sexism is abhorrent to say the least. If they do not like you as an individual, regardless of your skill level, they will pull any reason out of the sky to terminate you, but state that it was due to maltreatment of "a protected class." To go further into this, there was confidential information that was leaked to others in the organization (choristers included), and I had others come up to me personally and ask me about certain events or actions that literally only those higher-up knew and nobody else.

Advice to Management

Get your house in order. There will be legal ramifications for your negligence.

The reverse racism and sexism is abhorrent to say the least. Read More

May 11, 2023

Reviewed by: Regular Chorister (Former Contractor)

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