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Showpass Senior Leadership FAQ

Read what Showpass employees think about senior leadership and the CEO at the company.

Showpass has a Senior Management rating of 4.5, and Lucas McCarthy, the CEO of Showpass, has an approval rating of 92% across the organization.

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March 10, 2021

How are senior leaders perceived at Showpass?


- Software is fairly easy to use & learn - In house chef is a nice perk - Can be a fun atmosphere to work in at times, feels like you are a part of something interesting - Access to events that can be attractive for some - Attempts to be a disruptor in the market


- Company lacks any clear direction which became even more apparent during the pandemic - Lack of transparency & leadership from the top-down - Salary is well below the industry average for most, if not all positions. Conversations around compensation don't go well. - No performance reviews meant that when it came time for raises, there was no reasoning or information to explain the lack of them or the amount - Developers & Product team were constantly pulled on and off projects, leaving inefficiencies and not knowing where they stood or what their focus should be Often felt unnecessarily overworked during the sprint sessions - The product suffered immensely from a lack of direction and also suffered from having a young leadership team in place that chased the big client again and again - Too many features were being developed too often instead of focusing on the core product offering and refining those features - Client Success team looked to be overworked with too many accounts asking too much of them - Everything related to third-party applications or hardware was hacked together poorly - Onboarding clients looked to be ineffective & lacked any real process - Sales would overpromise to make the sale and then Product & CS team would have to deal with it - What tech company doesn't have a CTO in place? - Employees were expected to work on weekends regularly - Teams don't work in cohesion & are not on the same page, departments feel siloed and independent of one another - No opportunity to grow or move up within the company, feels very stagnant - Company has an employee turnover problem but will blame it on the US exchange rate and not on lack of job progression, compensation, leadership & company culture - A great example of the lack of leadership within the company: During the BLM movement in 2020, the leadership team completely ignored what was happening and would not discuss it at all. Given that the majority of employees are 23-30, most would have liked to see them at least discuss internally and brainstorm on what the company might be able to do. Slack messages were sent to management and ignored. Yes, it is a sensitive subject but you lost a lot of respect from employees when this happened.

Advice to Management

- Focus on your niche product offering instead of doing whatever your biggest client needs at the time. Your product team will thank you. - Ditch the millennial tech company perks for better pay & better benefits - Engage employees in performance reviews so they have an idea of what is expected and how they are performing - Put a CTO in place

The product suffered immensely from a lack of direction and also suffered from having a young leadership team in place that chased the big client again and again

March 10, 2021

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