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July 10, 2022


Perks like breakfasts and lunch provided. Aesthetic environment


Steep learning curve and training methods are scattered with no clear methods. Without solid training methods, it is difficult to perform at a high level. Many in Customer Service were unapproachable Poor communication, if any, from managers. No feedback. Customers were often very upset and it seemed like some agents were inconvenienced. Unwilling to help older customer who was deemed old and not technically savvy. Rather than assisting them, they cut them off short. Some agents were rude and condescending to customers. No communication to employees from immediate managers. Talked about promotion but no clear path or plans. Not an open door policy culture at all. Very clique like Open office and very distracting and difficult to hear clients on the phone. On the surface a casual culture but overly political with very little communication among departments or within departments with managers. One employee was exceptionally unkind and rude to me while others stood by. Unacceptable No communication regarding performance Training was scattered and unorganized No clear policies or standards and asking questions is frowned upon

Advice to Management

Streamline training. Train people on the phone to respect the disease of alcoholism and client’s efforts to improve their lives through the use of your products. Treat new employees with respect, high expectations and give consistent training and feedback on performance.

Open office and very distracting and difficult to hear clients on the phone. Read More

July 10, 2022

Reviewed by: Customer Service Agent (CSA) (Current Employee)

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