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TeeterPal has a compensation and benefits rating of 2.1. If you want to know how much TeeterPal employees make, head to their Salaries page to see a list of salaries per occupation, along with bonuses.

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What is the salary like at TeeterPal?

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October 24, 2019


You get free meal, depends on the time you staying. They don’t have strict working hours


I was there when the owner wanted to start his own lecture class to kids at the very beginning. At that time, the company only resell tickets. I was working with no pay and under pressure, and the owner assured me that I’ll get pay once class officially launched. I pretty much work for the company for free over a month. There was no contract, and no emails or letters to confirm the position. It’s all phone calls and text chats, which is my mistake that I should have been more careful. I left because the owner kept sugar coating the job, and he was mad because I asked for a fair treatment and hourly pay. In his words, “YOURE asking too much when you didn’t even show me whether you are worth it (the pay) or not. I need to see your ability FIRST”. I was a new graduate at that time, and I don’t have much experience dealing with situations like this. Friends told me that I should leave ASAP. Once I told the owner I wanted to quit this job, he asked how much I wish to get paid in order to stay. I felt insulted and the month of work I spent time on doing is worthless. This is the terrible experience that I had with the company, and I do not recommend working as contractor or have anything to do with this company to ANYONE. Please stay away from the owner, who is trying to use as much resources as possible while paying the LEAST. He will try to convince you and lure you into TRAPS.

Advice to Management

It’s very obvious who I am, and I wish you guys all the best on keep hiring contracts people. You guys have bold ideas and great advertisements, but you are not able to execute them well. Spend money to hire workers and and actually respect them, please.

In his words, “YOURE asking too much when you didn’t even show me whether you are worth it (the pay) or not.

October 24, 2019

1 English review out of 1