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March 31, 2021


I guess if unemployment is your only option you might try this company


Upper management are legends in their own minds so be prepared to serve. If your male be prepared to be constantly reminded of your inadequate contributions and life failures

Advice to Management

Don’t put so much stock in the Me too,, I am woman hear me roar and desire to prove your smarter than everyone else. Don’t hide behind your management team and try to be a cheer leader only when things are going right. Take responsibility for your own mistakes and failures

Upper management are legends in their own minds so be prepared to serve. Read More

March 31, 2021

Reviewed by: Project Manager in Seattle, WA (Former Employee)

September 15, 2020


-There were some nice people to work with that weren't management -For having no previous background in construction, I was able to muscle my way through hard work which paid off for about 3 seconds...


-They lure employees in under the false premise that they will be supportive and accommodating all the while digging the grave to push you into about 6-8 months down the road -Unwilling and unaccommodating to those with disabilities -Demanding of abilities that certain employees were not qualified for i.e. asking administrative staff to complete technical reports for clients knowing those documents could be taken into deposition -Manipulating staff to do work outside of their capability with little to no instruction and then verbally abusing staff for not just knowing how to do the work -Disrespectful of personal boundaries -Pitting employees against each other to rat the other out, especially when an employee would take a sick day -Nepotism -Management was unwilling to take ownership for their own faults to clients and would ask employees to lie on their behalf -Management's willingness to guilt their employees with woes of hardship about how the company was doing -Management would berate, belittle, and bully employees to quit rather than fire them so they wouldn't have to pay unemployment

Advice to Management

Quit. Stop bullying people into submission. This company is a sham. The fact the clients will continue to wait for a final report 6 months after its past due, and still continue to work with this company is beyond me. I know of no other company that is able to get away with such delinquency of a product or service and still be in business. The VP is on a power trip and has no right or place in management anywhere.

Nepotism Read More

September 15, 2020

Reviewed by: Executive Assistant in Seattle, WA (Former Employee)

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