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August 6, 2020

What are co-workers like at Venture Harbour?


I joined Venture Harbour after a fairly typical string of 3-5 year software development jobs in both established companies and startups. I know the usual reasons why people get fed up in their jobs, because I was that guy. Projects become stale, management moves on to the next hot thing, or the startup doesn't deliver sales so people start getting made redundant. Venture Harbour has absolutely none of those problems. The setup here is excellent, we have a steady stream of new 'Ventures' for us to work on, which mean it's like starting a new role every year or so, but with the same team. We also have a strong foundation of existing successful ventures that provide us with very healthy financial backing as well as unique problems to solve as they evolve. The staff we have currently are all excellent in their fields (and thoroughly lovely humans to boot) and our recruitment process is incredibly thorough - based on a lot of experience for finding the best people, as well as the best fit. In terms of benefits and professional development it is light years ahead of my previous employers. Within the first few months here I was allocated my own training budget and I had mapped out a plan with my line manager for what I personally wanted to achieve within the next 5 years - and so far I have been given the space to progress that journey. It's the first job where the promises I was given during interview have all been delivered. I think what Venture Harbour has is incredibly unique (and has all my developer friends jealous), we have the foundation of an 'established' business allowing us to be generous with benefits, culture and training, as well as the excitement of a ''startup' chasing new ideas and technology. It sounds almost too good, and I didn't believe it before starting, but I have dug every corner of this business and it's very real.


We move across a lot of technology stacks, and new ones are always on the horizon. Obviously we attempt to standardise as best as possible but developers are required to muck in and attempt to learn everything - so specialisms are harder to develop (though we do have leaders in certain fields). It's my first 'remote first' job, and that really has taken some getting used to. I love the flexibility but I really do miss the social element of being in an office full time.

Advice to Management

Don't lose sight of the transparency you currently give your employees, it's your number one asset!

The staff we have currently are all excellent in their fields (and thoroughly lovely humans to boot) and our recruitment process is incredibly thorough

August 6, 2020

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