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September 22, 2022


There is a quite big list of pros, maybe because I am always inclined to see the positive in everything. First of all, this is a fully remote Company which during this time I would say is a huge plus, they are ahead of many other companies. For us, this is a very good benefit. The people are simply amazing, everyone is willing to help each other and we all give everything to make the Company achieve its goals. They have built a very nice team environment despite we are all in different countries. So big up for all the management. The management is very transparent and willing to provide us with the best work environment, benefits when possible, and flexibility. The management always wants to improve the workflow and always asks us how to improve it, which is certainly not so common ( I worked with so many "I know it all that" I really appreciate this) Last but not least the management gives us the chance to enhance our skills by incentivizing education with online courses, a great plus honestly.


Being such a fast-growing company it can be very challenging for us to breathe and focusing on a subject is rare, so I had the feeling of running nowhere several times. Despite this, I have to say I have learned a lot and I have never felt alone, even more, I witnessed moments where all of us gave extra energy to solve critical issues. Freelancing is great but also has some pain points: no vacation/sick leaves, maternity, and being in other countries means also that we have different costs of living and taxation. I am pretty sure this transition of working remotely worldwide is a key point and new improvements will come and the gaps we have now will be covered in the future.

Advice to Management

Please continue to invest and believe in us. Continue to be transparent. Continue to provide us with the best tools to give our clients the best solutions. The people working for Webtec give everything, so putting us freelancers first will entice us to even give more and more. This is gonna benefit us as freelancers and our clients as well. I wish the company health and many years of success.

For us, this is a very good benefit. Read More

September 22, 2022

Reviewed by: Web Designer (Current Freelancer)

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