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What is health insurance like at WildWorks?

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September 3, 2021


talented people, great superior, awesome at Halloween party deco and social challenges throughout the year. Dope office, top floor with insane view of mountains, etc. Great to give a lap around the building on breaks and no problem with parking. Great health insurance, and I liked the match up to 3% towards 401k. Flexible hours as long as you are inside core hours as part of your hours. Understanding company, they usually are open to adjustment to accommodate you. Great innovation days and Lagoon (old days ).


Not very transparent, multiple unexpected lay-offs throughout the years (which doesn't make it reliable). A fair amount of crunching or cutting features due to bad production/management. After leaving the company I realized my salary wasn't even close to a fair salary, so be smart when you give your numbers. Not very clear how to grow in the company.

Advice to Management

Better roadmaps and product planning, stop doing layoffs, credibility goes down. Maybe one small team, maybe 3 people, towards rapid prototyping to test out features before going full mode or rejecting ideas - keep up with innovation day!

Great health insurance, and I liked the match up to 3% towards 401k. Read More

September 3, 2021

Reviewed by: Anonymous in Salt Lake City, UT (Anonymous Employee)

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