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May 30, 2020

What are co-workers like at Writers Hub?


No advantage I can think of Don't even try and work here unless you really need the money


The QA and Support team pit you the writer against the client for more pay on their side. The QA and support are unfriendly and outright abusive to black writers Their ranking system on orders is based on race, the blacker your name sounds the more likely they are to rank you poorly. I have had colleagues experience this issue They are racists to black writers speaking to them like dogs and with contempt There is never a department that addresses critical needs of the writers, the HR department, which is a one man army is basically non existent and has no balls. The CPP is extremely low even for a senior technical writer such as myself, all the while depends if you are white or not. Very short time offered on orders. Fines are imposed feely and with no solid backing.

Advice to Management

Start getting your house in order because this house of cards is about to tip over. Social media has made you so unpopular such that each day you are consistently losing clients

I have had colleagues experience this issue

May 30, 2020

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