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-How long between marriages was it just you, your

  sibling(s), and parent -Was your parent mentally or physically abusive -How long did your parent let the abuse go on -How did having an abusive parent make you feel -Who do you go to with your problems Their excuse for asking these questions, is because "They promote so quickly internally, and you can become responsible for a lot of assets within the company quickly." they justify it by saying that "The process has been used for over 20 years." I get it, they need to be thorough, they are a private company, they promote quickly- However it doesn't give them the right to make someone relive, in great detail, traumatic events. The fact that they disregard the possibility that their interview process may upset someone just because "a decent amount" do not fall into a "victim" category says to me that this is a company I wouldn't want to work for or support. I decided moments after the final interview process was over that I would not work for this company so when they called a few days later to tell me they had gone with someone else I was not offended by it at all. I explained my position that I would have turned them down regardless- There was no apology, just a defensive explanation, and the guy told me to call him if i needed a pillow or mattress... Which also makes me feel that these people are emotionally stunted as well, again supporting my decision to never support this company. Things are very different then they were 20 years ago, perhaps the interview process should be reevaluated.
uncomfortable, inappropriate, intrusive, unorganized, demeaning, uncaring, disheartening

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I am the one that posted the "Real Review" under the review sections. As a former manager of this company, I can say that this is another one of the many reasons why I left this poor excuse of a company. This type of interview process is downright unethical and should be reserved only for military or government positions. I am sorry you had to experience this. Rest assured that fate was on your side the minute they decided to go with another candidate. The only thing you missed out on is poor work-life balance, being treated unprofessionally, and nervous tics. No amount of money is ever worth anyone's dignity.

Former Manager on Apr 24, 2015

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