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HR operations specialist Interview Amsterdam, NY

I went to their office and had two interviews. One with one

  of the recruiters and one with a the recruiter I spoke to earlier over the phone and a colleague . This two interviews took both about an hour and afterward they all said to me they were still enthusiastic about my profile and personality! That afternoon, around 18:00 the recruiter called me and told me all three of them were really happy to invite me to the next round. This round would imply: an assessment, an interview with the COO and and Presentation according to the Pecha Kucha format, these means you create 20 slides of 20 seconds to the entire team, in order to go give them an first impression about you. She asked me if I could this at this Thursday, the 28th of September (!) they were very enthusiast and want to move forward quickly. It was quit an amount of tasks and would cost me a lot of preparation all in 1 day, but they give me the impression that it would not be for nothing.

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At Wednesday I also was asked to do a personality test before Thursday. So I Spend my (I am still in my current full time job) Wednesday afternoon, evening and night until 03:00 PM to prepare and Thursday at 09:00 sharp I was all ready and on time in their office. . First up was the assessment. I got about an hour for his task. After this assessment the three people from the first interviews (in office) came to me and we discussed the assessment. There were three topics / questions in the assessment, the first two I was praised for my answers and suggestions. The third one was not precisely correct on a technicality i did not know excactly a rule about an exception about the 30% rule) but again I was praised for my other suggestion I responded to the topic / Question. The recruiter (who reached out to me for first contact in the beginning) even said that I did a really good Job! Second was the interview with the COO. This was a strange and rather quick interview. The man I spoke asked purely questions that guided me in a certain direction with limited room to alter my answer
s. It was either this or that. I got he feeling that he had a first impression of me and he kept that point of view the hole interview.
After this interview I had the presentation with 20 slides of 20 seconds. . It went very well and the reactions were very interested and enthusiastic. After this presentation I was asked to join the team for lunch. I was happy to and had good feeling about the whole morning. During lunch I asked 1 of the girls (which were involved during the whole application) what would be the next step. She told me that they would like to have two references and if I could send them this afternoon. This also gave me confidence while references are only asked if the company wants to do an offer. So I went home and as I said was really confident because during Tuesday and Thursday all I was received was really good feedback. The interview with COO was the only minus I received that day. Then it 19:30, I had a missed call from the recruiter who reached out to me in the beginning. I called her back right away. She told me she had bad new, here it comes. The y really liked me! The team was i quote: in love with me. Ans she was really really sad about his, because she really really liked me! But... I was to flamboyant and creative for the role. She really liked me but.. she was looking for some one more dull for the role... This is a part from the vacancy text: A bit of a crazy and creative mind; you dare to think different and so do we! Never during the whole job procedure I was not given real positive feedback and that was the reason I was willing to go all the trouble to prepare. And suddenly, a rejection. This was all to weird to me. I asked for more feedback in an email but never heard of them until I wrote them I wanted to leave my experience on Glassdoor. Then she called. But for me it was to late.

Interview Candidate on Oct 23, 2018

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