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Senior Manager, Vendor Management Interview Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

- If 2 trains depart at the same time from 2 places

  65 kilometers apart and one goes at 80 km/h and another one at 50 km/h when will they meet

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40 and 25

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2012

they will meet 30 minutes later

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2012

combined travel speed of the trains is (80 + 50) = 130 km/h, which means they will meet after 65 / 130 hours, which is 0.5 hrs or 30 mins

Anonymous on Apr 28, 2015

Since it was not explicitly specified in the question, I'd elaborate that there are different cases.
If the trains are moving towards each other then the relative speed is 80+50 = 130 km/h. so it will take them (65/130 = 0.5) hours to meet.
Another case is they are going in the same direction, here we have two cases: The fast train is chasing the slow train, the relative speed will be (80-50 = 30 km/h) so they will meet after (65/30= 2 hours and 10 minutes). Or the slow train can be chasing the fast train and then they will never meet (assuming it is infinity non-looping track).

Mahmoud Hassan on Sep 6, 2016

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