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Financial Analyst Interview Hillsboro, OR

•Tell me about yourself. •Which Intel location is your most

  preference? •Tell me about a time when you have to make a quick decision. •If your manager wants to add 2 new budgets for next year and the board of the director said they don’t have the money to do so, what would you present to your manager? •How would you reduce discount rate from 15% to 7.5% annually? •What do you think is the most important in financial control of a company? •How would you explain NPV (Net Present Value) to someone in engineering who knows nothing about Finance? •Why audit (in finance) is important? •How to calculate the discount rate? •Intel is the leader in chipmaker industry. It has 80% of share in market. What challenges do you think Intel faces for being in such position? •Tell me about a time when you face some challenges and how you overcome it? (includes the unique skill set you used) •Tell me about a time when you face a roadblock and how you overcome it. •Tell me about a time when you face difficulty and what would you have done differently. •You are in a team of creating a product in which a lot of people are counting on you. Your manager wants the projects to have a gross margin of 43% or more. There are 3 projects that has 45% of gross margin. Which projects would you recommend to your manager? Is it possible to have a low gross margin with a high NPV?

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