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Computer Engineer Interview Hawthorne, CA

"What is the size of an integer on a 32-bit system?"


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Four? A byte is 8-bits. 8/32 = 4

Andrew Gardiner on May 15, 2017

2^32= 4 billionish ?

Anonymous on Nov 14, 2017

Depends if it's signed or unsigned...

Anonymous on Apr 19, 2018

4 bytes

Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018

Reading these answers now I understand why would ask the question. According to C/C++ standards the size of an integer, regardless of any hardware limitations, is at least 16 bits; but usually the size of an integer is 32 bits. It has nothing to do with it being signed or unsigned (question asks about size, not range).

Ali on Aug 14, 2018

4 byte

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2019

Thanks for sharing your experience. Wondering anyone tried using rooftop slushie for prep? Seems like you can ask questions to SpaceX employees.

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2019

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