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"Why did you insist on using the singular 'they' in your

  development schedule?"

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I thought this'd be an innocent question. Most game companies these days try to use inclusive language, such as alternating he and she on their cards, or using the singular 'they' (which is grammatically correct in most modern stylebooks). I explained that since I didn't know the gender of the people I was talking about in the schedule, that I thought it appropriate to use the grammatically correct gender neutral singular they, as is appropriate.

I was then grilled for the next half an hour on this one simple pronoun question. I was told first that there wasn't enough room on the cards, to which I answered why not alternate he and she? They danced around the question, said things like "Not enough people use the singular 'they' to matter" to which I suggested pronoun alteration again, to which they said "That's too confusing for our players." Another point about the singular "they" was that they found that it made the rules confusing... to which I, again, said "why not alternate pronouns, then?" They finally said, "90 percent of our playerbase is male, so we don't see any reason to include women in our considerations."

Keep in mind that I am a woman, and that I used to play Fantasy Flight products extensively, often with female friends.

I said that I found that statistic quite hard to believe. This back and forth continued for quite some time, with me trying to get them to move on to other parts of the interview, or questions about my background, but they kept coming back to this one point of grammar. I am almost certain this is what cost me the interview.

Interview Candidate on Mar 7, 2014

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